...a record that feels organic, as if recorded in a familiar space in an intimate place of creation...” - Meg Fair

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This Side of Eve

Pittsburgh Indie-Folk

This Side of Eve has been creating music as a duo and a five piece band for over a decade. They've released three diverse full length albums and several shorter releases including their new EP, Take Me Down.

The new music is a work of intimate lyrics and song-writing by Alyssa and John who bring the beauty and pain of real life into their music. Each song demonstrates a new  musical idea and features colaboration from a diverse set of bandmates.

Currently TSE is working on a full length album with producer and musician Jeremy Casella.

Between feature releases, TSE is releasing Solitude, an ambient instrumental album available only through our Bandcamp page.

John and Alyssa are booking house shows around the north east and the full band is available for gigs at Pittsburgh's concert venues.

Take Me Down

This Side of Eve

Tracks 1, 2 and 5 Recording in Nashville, TN. with an amazing team of musicians. Special thanks to Jeremy Casella for production and orchestrating the right people to be in the room to make these songs happen as they did. Thanks also to Will Sayles, Kenny Hutson and Lucas Morton for their hard work and exquisite care in helping craft these arrangements.

Tracks 3 and 4 recorded in "the back room" of the Creasy house. Special thanks to Téah, Micah and Lyle for being as quiet as kids can be, especially when recording vocals. Thanks to Ian White for coming back into our lives for a short time to record the drums, like the old days. Chris and Libby Hilf, as always, performed their parts with grace and ease.

Special thanks also to Lisa, Lauren, Amber and Megan for your encouragement and for making that weekend at Nowhere Farm possible that got This Side of Eve back to the craft of songwriting.
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This Side of Eve's music is marked with beauty and piercing vulnerability. Their meditative lyrics and Alyssa's vocals draw me in every time.” - Jeremy Casella

Singer-songwritter and Producer

Press Photos

Live at Club Cafe with the five piece

Live at Club Cafe with the five piece

This Side of Eve is some of my favorite stuff to work on. They have interesting takes on arrangements that uniquely ride the genre lines of ambient, folk, and alt country” - Bengt Alexsander

— Action Camp, Club Cafe, Mastering and Mixing